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Suggest New Toons

Can't find that specific toon you're just desperately dying to rate?

Well, it's not that strange. Even if we do have an extensive collection of toons here at the Planet Zot Toon Rater, there are loads of different characters in each animated movie and series, so it's bound to be lots of important toons tumbling around in various animated worlds that we haven't added yet. But if you are really eager to get your favorite toon in our rating service, then your best shot is to notify us of your request using this form.

Simply fill out the form on this page and we'll have your favorite toon up in no time!

Before you make your suggestion, please make sure that:

  • The toon you are requesting hasn't already been added to the Toon Rater

  • The toon is from an actual licensed animated feature, cartoon or anime
    (Only the animated version of characters represented in multiple media such as animation, video games and comics are eligible for the Toon Rater)

Please note that we cannot accept at the moment characters from video games or comics, or personal or fan made creations.
Toons from CGI animations, Japanese anime and characters from stop motion animations are eligible for the Toon Rater.
Requests for toons from adult and/or hentai animations are permitted as long as the toon's fact sheet and description are suitable for a PG-13 audience.

Please fill out the following form to suggest a new toon

Remember that the more detailed you are, the faster will we be able to include the toon in the Toon Rater!

Fields marked with a * are mandatory

The toon's full name: *

The toon's age:

The toon's sex:

The toon's height:

The toon's occupation, if any:

Name of the first animation *
the toon starred in:

Name of the toon's voice actor(s): 

Short biography and description of the toon: *

A picture of the toon:
The image must be a GIF or JPG file and must be under 200kb

Your name:

Your e-mail: *

Do you wish to be notified when the toon is available for rating?
Yes    No

Comments (optional):


Planet Zot retains the right to freely use, alter, edit or discard any submissions.

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