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About the Toon Rater

The Planet Zot Toon Rater is a free rating service for animation characters.
It's fun and simple to use and it's appropriate for visitors of all ages.


The second best thing after watching animation is to discuss them with other fans. And that's were our toon rating system comes in. The Toon Rater is a powerful tool for finding all kinds of fun facts about your favorite animated heroes and villains.

Ever wondered if Pikachu really have more fans than Mickey Mouse? Or which Disney princess is the most popular? Or maybe you just want to know who is the hottest animated redhead of all time? We have the answers to these great mysteries and many more!

Of course, ratings alone don't explain exactly why certain toons seems to be wrapped in awesome sauce while others love to be hated, but that's what our Forums are for. All toon profiles are linked to the Planet Zot Forums, so after you're done rating, be sure to stop by the Forums so that you can let the entire world know the reason behind your vote - and let the debates begin!

To start rating toons, simply click on any toons at the Toon Rater section of Planet Zot. All our toons are sorted into the following categories: Males, Females, Creatures and Pokémons. You can also just browse them all.

Each category can be refined further by sorting the toons according to their ratings, their names, the animation they starred in or when they were added to the Toon Rater. Pokémons can also be sorted by their elements and national number.

Once you've found a toon you wish to rate, click on its portrait picture and it will take you to the toon's profile page. There you will find lots of information about that toon as well as the all-important rating stars. Click on a star - the more stars you give the higher the rating and the greater the display of support for that toon. And... voila! You have just rated your very first toon. Congratulations!

The more toons you rate, the easier it is for us to measure the correct amount of awesomeness for each toon. And if you register a free account you can even start collecting your favorite toons!

Have fun rating toons and don't forget to check out our Animation Library!

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