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RULES - important mandatory reading for all users
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“RULES - important mandatory reading for all users”
Post Mon Jan 16, 2023 10:40 am


We Zotters are a cheerful, civilized bunch that usually knows exactly how to behave ourselves in order to ensure that everyone is having a good time. However, sometimes, a few of the Earthlings that stops here on Zot from time to time, seems to fail to grasp even the most basic understanding of net etiquette and common sense. Hence, the official rules were formulated.
These rules applies to veteran Zotters and by-passing Earthlings alike, leaving no doubt to what kind of behavior is required at all times in order to participate on Planet Zot. Failing to follow these important rules will result in warnings, stardust fees, and even in bans.

Please ensure that you have read through the following eight rules and that you are familiar with them before posting at the Planet Zot Forums.

    » 1. All content must be within a PG-13 limit

    Since Planet Zot does not operate with any age restriction, a significant portion of our daily visitors are of young age. For that reason Planet Zot strives at all times to provide a safe environment for cartoon enthusiasts of all ages. All users are therefore responsible to keep all their posts and contributions to Zot within a PG-13 limit. This include also the content in signatures. Discussions regarding mature content such as hentai (animated pornography) can be allowed only if kept on a PG-13 level, in other words, without any graphical details or explicit content of any kind. Failing to follow this important rule may result in an instant ban.

    » 2. No flaming, trolling, excessive swearing or use of offensive and/or vulgar language or content

    This includes also harassment of users (both through the forum and PMs). Flaming (purposely behaving offensively towards an other member) and trolling (starting arguments with the only purpose of making people angry or upset) are strongly frowned upon and may result in an instant ban. There are many communities on the internet that accommodate the bashing of other members, but Planet Zot is not one of them. Please respect our policy by striving to behave politely towards other members at all times. Remember that you can always choose to automatically restrict the display of a given user's posts by placing the user's name in your foe list, an option in the Zot Panel.

    » 3. Don't spam

    Spam are unnecessary posts that does not contribute to a discussion in any way. They are typically made with the only purpose of earning stardust or increase post count. Examples of spam include single-word posts, posts consisting only of smileys, and repeatedly off-topic replies (i.e. by repeatedly posting about your cat in a topic discussing Disney cartoons). Spammers are usually punished with a warning and in some cases with a permanent ban.
    Please note that in order to prevent spamming by double posting, you will only be able to reply to your own post (make two posts in a row in the same topic) every 24 hours. Posts made sooner than that will be merged with your previous post.

    » 4. No piracy/warez

    Discussions related to where and how to get hold of piracy or in any way illegal material are not allowed on Zot. That includes, but is not restricted to, information regarding how and where to access copyrighted videos, music files, fan subs, cartoon episodes and movies for free. If you really like an animation support the creators by purchasing it legally and without getting us sued.

    » 5. No multiple accounts or user impersonations

    Only one account per member and one member per account. Each member may only have one account at the Planet Zot Forums and can not share it with anyone else. The impersonation of other users and especially staff members is not permitted (i.e. pretending to be a relative of a staff member).

    » 6. No advertisement

    Please do not advertise for other web sites or products on Planet Zot. The only place advertisement is allowed is in your own, personal signature. Everywhere else the topic will be locked and the user will receive a warning. Users registering for the sole purpose of advertising will be banned on sight. Advertising through PMs is also not allowed and will result in warnings, the removal of the PMing ability and in some cases in a permanent ban. Users who experience unwanted advertisement through PMs are encouraged to report it immediately to a moderator.

    » 7. Use the [SPOILER] tag

    The discussion of any major plot turns, endings, or any otherwise sensitive information that may affect the viewing pleasure for a particular animation must be posted within the spoiler-tag. This can be achieved by posting the sensitive text between the [ spoiler] and [/ spoiler] tags (with no spaces in the tags). Topics dedicated entirely to so-called "spoilers" should also include a warning in the topic title (i.e. "Naruto Episode 15 - beware of spoilers!").

These rules applies to the entire forum and are to be followed at all times with no exceptions.
Please note that additional rules may apply to certain boards. In such cases, the board specific rules will be displayed in announcements in the given board.

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