Sorry, the Oekaki board is closed!

Planet Zot is temporarily closed
Well, temporarily closed, that is. But it might be a while until the Planet Zot Oekaki board is back online again.
The reason? The Planet Zot Forums was recently upgraded. You see, the forums and the oekaki board used to share the same log in system, so that all registered Zotters were able to use the same account they had at the forums to log in at the Oekaki board. However, after the forum upgrade, the forum's log in system changed, so that it doesn't work with the oekaki board anymore. We are working around the clock to try and fix this. The oekaki board WILL be back eventually. We just don't have any idea of exactly when we will be able to make the integrated log in system work again ^^;

Our humble apologies for this unintended down time of the Oekaki board, and please rest assured; The Oekaki board WILL be back! Eventually.
Have faith, valiant PlanetZotian artists!