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    Written by Schwpz on Thu Apr 19, 2012 11:22 am

A huge cartoon section has just been dedicated to the anime hit show D.N.Angel!

"Adapted from the international best-selling manga series by Yukiru Sugisaki, D.N.Angel is a romatic adventure with a fantastic premise. High School hottie Risa has two suitors: shy Daisuke and the magical thief Dark. But the twist is that Daisuke and Dark share the same body, and it's Daisuke's love for Risa that allows Dark to take over! The only way to resolve this romantic disaster is for Daisuke to win the heart of his true love-but since she's only got eyes for Dark, that's not happening anytime soon!"

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There cartoon section's got a full lyrics page as well as the obligatory episode list.

There are also a whole 73 (!) large avatars, many of them animated.

Image Image Image
Image Image Image
Image Image Image

The section has also got a quote page, allowing Zotters to not only read read but also to collect the quotes from show and add them to their personal favorite cartoon quote page.

Dark Mousy: "Well then, from here on, it's my turn to have some playtime!"

There's also some new fan art from the show, curtesy of PlanetZotian artists Miss Fortune and Madness.

To top it off, 10 new toons from the show have been added to the Planet Zot Toon Rater! :D

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