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In order to make your experience here at Planet Zot as pleasant as possible, all users must agree to the following rules and guide lines before registering:

    1. All content must be within a PG-13 limit
    All users must keep their posts and contributions to Zot within a PG-13 limit. This include also the content in signatures.

    2. No flaming, trolling, excessive swearing or use of offensive and/or vulgar language or content
    This includes also harassment of users. Flaming (purposely behaving offensively towards other members) and trolling (starting arguments with the only purpose of making people angry or upset) may result in an instant ban. Please respect our policy by striving to behave politely towards other members at all times.

    3. Don't spam
    Spam are unnecessary posts that does not contribute to a discussion in any way. Examples of spam include single-word posts, posts consisting only of smileys, and repeatedly off-topic replies (i.e. repeatedly posting about your cat in a topic discussing Disney classics).

    4. No piracy/warez
    Discussions related to where and how to get hold of piracy or in any way illegal material are not allowed on Zot. That includes, but is not restricted to, information regarding where and how to access copyrighted videos, music files, fan subs, cartoon episodes and movies illegally.

    5. No advertisement
    The only place advertisement is allowed is in your own, personal signature. Users registering for the sole purpose of advertising will be banned on sight.

To view the complete version of the Forum Rules please click here.
To view the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy please click here.

Please note that all users must be 13 years or older, or have the permission to join by their parents/guardians, in order to register an account here at Planet Zot.

Do you agree to follow these rules and to abide the Terms of Use?


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