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 Thank you for consider donating!

Thank you so much for considering donating to Planet Zot!
Donating is really easy and only takes a minute.
All you need is a PayPal account and you’ll be spreading smiles and good karma in no time!

How To Donate

To donate simply fill out the following form and follow the instructions given by the PayPal website.

Amount to donate:
Select the amount you wish to donate

Select the currency type:
Select the currency you wish to use for your donation

Donation Method:
Please select the donation method as one time donation or recurring donations.

Note: The actual donation process will handled by PayPal outside the Planet Zot dominion

Filling out this form will first take you to a confirmation screen, and then to the official PayPal website where the actual transaction will take place. Planet Zot will not receive your PayPal account details, credit card information or any other kind of sensitive information as the donation process will handled by PayPal outside the Planet Zot dominion. You can learn more about PayPal on their website.
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Why Donate?

As a free, non-commercial website and community, Planet Zot is entirely dependent upon donations and sponsors in order to make ends meet. By donating to Planet Zot you are therefore directly contributing to keep all sections of Planet Zot online and free for all to use, up to date, with no annoying advertisement and constantly evolving and expanding.
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Ways to help Planet Zot beside donating

There are lots of ways to support Planet Zot beside donating, so even if you’re dead broke it doesn’t mean you can’t help out your favorite animation website! The most helpful thing you can do is spread the word - Tell about Planet Zot to your friends, family, blog followers, school mates, colleagues, strangers on the bus, etc.! By sharing, liking pinning, posting and writing about Zot you are helping us increase our fan base and visitors, which in turns helps us attract bigger and better sponsors for things such as hosting and give-aways, which helps making Zot more fun! So use your social media contacts for what they’re word and spread the word as often as you can!

Other things you can do to support is to follow us on our social media channels:

» Twitter

» Pinterest

We are also always on the look out for generous souls to sponsor one of our giveaways in exchange for glory, fame, good karma and lots and lots of publicity. We can offer free advertising on all sections of Planet Zot, including a banner advertisement to your website. We are mainly looking for animation- or drawing related prizes (books, DVDs, art supplies, convention tickets, etc.), but if you have something else to offer we’d still love to hear it! Simply drop us a note and let us know what you have in mind.

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